I offer individual and organizational “coaching.” If you are interested please contact me.


Coaching is a popular approach to working with people and organizations to address some concern or accomplish something. It’s not “therapy” and assumes you are basically healthy and capable of having the life or organization you want. The client drives the coaching process. The general mood of the work is “learning and lightness.” I’ve completed a 9 month course that focuses on this approach.

The particular approach I use is called “ontological coaching” Ontology is the philosophical study of the nature of being and in this case, human beings. It focuses on developing awareness and changing yourself as distinguished from trying to change others or circumstances alone. If we continue to be the same people we’ve been in the past, we’ll tend to do the same things and have the same outcomes.

Michael Zimmerman, the philosopher, calls this perspectivalism. Given the way we see the world, our “structure of interpretation,” we are always making the best choices we believe we have at the time. No one intentionally makes “bad choices.” It always looks like the best choice at the time and if the results aren’t too awful, it becomes an automatic habit, engrained in our bodies and emotions.

As a coach, my job is to support you in understanding the principles, process and practices it takes to move from understanding to outcome. I also use “integral” understandings from Ken Wilber’s work and many other thinkers and disciplines that inform my worldview.

I’ve worked with this idea for 25 years leading and designing transformational learning environments around the world. This approach is very useful for individuals, companies or any type of organization because I get to work with you personally in real life situations. I also work with nonprofits and governmental entities. I have an extensive background in government as a county and city attorney and working with regulatory commissions.